Find the Two Identical PENMEN® Published 1989

Gary Blehm published his first poster, Find the Two Identical PENMEN in 1989. 18 posters followed with 100,000 posters sold nationally and around the world. A comic strip followed with a published book and syndication. T-shirts were introduced in 1990 and have grown into a positively optimistic apparel brand Grin Big!™. See our posters and t-shirts at

PENMEN Comics, Gary Blehm, The Optimist Since 1989

Gary Blehm, The Optimist, spreading optimism and positive vibes since 1989. “Be positive and follow your dreams. Take what you love to do and make that your dream. Shoot for the moon, and only settle for top of the world!”

Gary Blehm began as a motivational speaker at schools in the 1990’s when his comic strip “PENMEN” ran in newspapers.